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Bloom Masterclass Key Notes

Bloom Masterclass Key Notes


“Self-Love isn’t just about love. If it were, a flower would be just as whole and beautiful with one petal.” – B. Love

All of us are on a journey of wholeness and self-mastery. A part of mastering self requires knowing self, which is the foundation of self-love. There are 11 other parts of self-love, too. In my journal, “Bloom: The 12 Layers of Self-Love” I compare the layers of self-love to the petals of a flower. A flower who, in full bloom, reaches its optimal state of beauty, wholeness, and vitality.

In the journal, I discuss the 12 layers of self-love, including but not limited to self-care, pleasure, respect, esteem, and accountability, and I give practical ways to increase each layer. There are also activities, daily rituals, affirmations, guided meditation, and of course space for journaling.

After completing the journal, I realized that there were a few other things that I wanted to share on this topic, thus the Bloom Masterclass was born. The handout covers the key points of the masterclass including advanced definitions, the importance of each layer, activities, and promises to make yourself to remain consistent.

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