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Bloom: The 12 Layers of Self-Love Journal

Bloom: The 12 Layers of Self-Love Journal


“Self-Love isn’t just about love. If it were, a flower would be just as whole and beautiful with one petal.” - B. Love

All of us are on a journey of wholeness and self-mastery. A part of mastering self requires knowing self, which is the foundation of self-love. There are 11 other parts of self-love, too. In my journal, “Bloom: The 12 Layers of Self-Love” I compare the layers of self-love to the petals of a flower. A flower who, in full bloom, reaches its optimal state of beauty, wholeness, and vitality.

In the journal, I discuss the 12 layers of self-love, including but not limited to self-care, pleasure, respect, esteem, and accountability, and I give practical ways to increase each layer. There are also activities, daily rituals, affirmations, guided meditation, and of course space for journaling.

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