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Grind Goddess: The Hustle and Flow Journal

Grind Goddess: The Hustle and Flow Journal


Grind Goddess: An adored, beautiful woman who chases and pushes herself to attain a goal. A woman who is on her s*t. She works smart and not hard. She hustles. She brings every one of her dreams, goals, and desires into fruition. 

The very first Grind Goddess journal is now available for preorder. This journal is for the woman who operates in several roles and wears numerous hats throughout the day. Whether it be the role of student, careerwoman, entrepreneur, creative, wife, mother, bonus mom, caretaker, WHATEVER. This journal is meant for you! It will help you maintain your focus on your hustle to achieve your goals and also make sure you practice self-love, care, and awareness to flow and receive proper rest to refill your soul.

What’s included in the 30-day journal:

1 daily inspirational quote.

1 daily affirmation.

Goal/to-do list.

Top 3 priority list.

Daily meal planning.

Morning and nightly rituals.

Four daily reset exercises and ME moments. 

End of day journaling prompt. 

African American Therapist link. 

The journals are currently available for preorder until the first shipment arrives. When they do, journals will begin to ship during the last weekend of July, 2019. 

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