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Mirror Work: The 21-day Self-Love Challenge Journal and Workbook

Mirror Work: The 21-day Self-Love Challenge Journal and Workbook

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Mirror work has changed not only the way I see myself, but it has increased my confidence and esteem as well. It's probably the scariest, most vulnerable yet necessary and effective way to learn to love yourself. 

So what is mirror work? It's the practice of looking yourself directly in the eyes (through a mirror) and talking to and affirming yourself.

The journal and workbook accompany each other, but they don't have to be purchased together (although I recommend it.)

Here's what's included:

Workbook - 
12 assessments to help you determine how you prioritize the 12 layers of self-love. 
Emphasis is placed on self-confidence, esteem, honesty, and awareness through activities. 
21 daily exercises to deepen your self-love

Journal - 
21 days of thought provoking journaling prompts.
21 tasks to increase your self-love.
21 3by3 mirror practices. 
21 affirmations (for mirror work) and guided meditations (completely different from the ones included with the challenge.)
21 commitments/pledges to carry with you throughout the day. 

Please note: This is a preorder, and journals and workbooks should start shipping out during the third week of January.

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