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Releasing the Hurt: A Spiritual Journal

Releasing the Hurt: A Spiritual Journal


In today’s society, there are so many people that struggle with the ability to release hurt. In this new journal, I will allow you the chance to read of hurtful events that scarred my life, but through prayer and reading scriptures I was able to overcome those trying events. Don't look at this as a journal but more of an altar. After reading my testimonials with scriptures attached, take the time to write down your hurt and leave them in the journal(altar) and watch the manifestation of God mending your hurtful heart begin.  

Topics include 
•Childhood Hurt
•Relationship Hurt
•Marriage Hurt
•Friendship Hurt
•Financial Hurt
•Church Hurt
•Inflicted Self Hurt 
•Hurt Losing A Loved One 

Get ready to be empowered and encouraged to release your own hurt, into your own personal journal (altar) and let God do the rest!!

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